Thursday, January 21, 2010


This time next week, I will be checked into the New York International Gift Show. I will have painted my space, wielded my power tools to mount the display shelves, and drank way too much coffee. I will be wondering why I felt compelled to sample every style in every color in every size (not kidding there), and how I will manage being in booth, rip roaring ready to sell at 8:30am every day for the next 5 days.

But this is the part where I am so grateful for all those years working runway shows in fashion industry. This is actually my favorite part of a show season - it's the last week. If it isn't on track by now, it isn't getting done. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Weeks and months of planning are all coming together in a seriously magical way (like, really, there will be a collection? ready? on time? really??) (oh - and it looks good too??)


The spring 2010 collection is a mix of best sellers from the last year and new styles. Some favorites that are coming back include Go to the Gym, Tree of Life, and Seahorses. Let's Make Out has been a roaring success at retail for the last 5 months, but will be new to the wholesale market. Two of my favorites that are debuting this week are Call Your Mother and Fritillaries.

Lots of major company overhauling is timing together with the opening at NYIGF. I have been working with Jaime from Bluestitch Books to re-do my logo and branding. My website, www.alexandraferguson, is completely down right now, so don't visit it. But that too will be coming back stronger than ever (or at least without broken links). The etsy shop (which you can visit) will be getting a makeover.

Maybe I'll even blog more...

My company turned 1 year old this past Saturday, January 16th. Happy birthday, company!