Friday, May 11, 2012

Dekalb Market - May 12 & 19 2012

If you are local to the NYC area and want a fun experience in this gorgeous May sunshine, come to the Dekalb Market Saturday May 12 and Saturday May 19.  I'll be there (with my Roving Ambassador, Mom, in tow) with hundreds of pillows for sale.  We've pulled the gamut for this special event - classic best sellers like (holiday appropriate) Call Your Mother and the wedding-season favorite Happily Ever After, to one of a kind rare styles like Empire State and Super!  We are pricing them to move, so if you have been a fan of alexandra ferguson and itching for a pillow of your own, this is the event for you. 

For directions and information about the fair, visit
May 12 (day before Mothers Day!!) they are having a live house DJ in the later side of the afternoon.  And if the weather is anything like today (which it is supposed to be) I totally expect it to be a rocking good time.