Sunday, March 11, 2012

the lab

Have you checked out our flagship website, lately? Not only can you find the entire alexandra ferguson collection there, including favorite best sellers like "Be Nice or Leave" as well as juicy new styles for Spring 2012 like "Heart Throb" and "Be Brave" (personal favorite & motto), but also a sneak peak of NEXT seasons new collections in The Lab.

The really cool thing about The Lab is that I can bring you my latest ideas that I'm just too excited about to save away for another six months. And I know in this little capsule collection that I've just watched some new best sellers be born. Be sure to check out "I'm Great," "I Love This Place," and "I Try To Behave." A future classic without doubt is "There Were Rules?"

It's official: I have caught the Pinterest bug. Follow me as I troll through the web finding things that blow my mind and make me giggle. Personal rule - I'll only pin it if it makes me go "woah." Check it out - You just might get some insight into my quirky little mind.

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  1. Hi Alexandra!

    I LOVE your adorable pillows! Found them on Pinterest and I am obsessed! Especially the ones with the hot pink writing! :)

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