Tuesday, April 7, 2009

soo ready to design new items

I have been trying to be really disciplined lately making sure that I fill all my orders before I spend time designing new pillows as well as experimenting with other categories like tote bags. But let me tell you, I am starting to get really ancy about it.

In addition to all my new pillow and felt ideas that I want to explore, today I happened to pop my head into a fabric store in the garment district today that was going out of business. Now, anyone who has shopping in the garment district in NY knows that there are a ton of little store front fabric shops that all seem to sell the same thing--overly embroidered and ornate beaded silks from China and India. Beautiful fabrics, but best used in (very) small doses. So my expectations in this shop was low. However! In the back! A small lonely roll of double faced cotton canvas. Yes, folks. Navy on one side, cream on the other. So stiff and strong it could stand up on its own. We used a fabric just like this when I worked in couture, and the wholesale price of that fabric was about 90% higher than what I paid today. Which means that it was affordable enough to make something really cool that I could sell at a normal price on etsy.com.

Now, if I was back in couture, we would do double-faced fabric seams on my future tote bags. This technique is when you split the fabric down the middle and insert the edge of the other panel in between the split layers. I might try to do it myself, but it's a little tricky. Keep you posted.

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