Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gift Guide for the men in your life

Guys can be the hardest people to shop for.

Women?  We're so easy!  (hehe) From hobbies and crafts, fashion clothing and accessories to jewelry or gadgets - I rarely hear someone say that their mom, wife, sister, or (female) best friend are the difficult people on their lists.

But fathers?  Brothers?  Even the occasional husband?  We barely got through last year, is it time to do it again already?!

Well, lo and behold, we've got a slew of styles that I constantly see men magnetized to.  So fret no more.  I got you on this one.

Below, see my "men-approved" picks for this holiday season.  Shop online by clicking the captions below each image, or go straight to our mens gift guide on our website here.
(Remember, we are currently running a promo code for free shipping using coupon FREESHIP at checkout.)

Simple phrase for a simple guy.
This is actually my boyfriend's favorite phrase.  He and his friends say it all the time.  Chances are, your guy does too. 

One of our most popular styles - this classic in steely black & charcoal makes sure his space is clearly defined.

For the kid at heart, comic book fan or someone who just is a hero, even if he is just your hero, this pillow is sure to make your guy feel loved.

You'd be surprised (or maybe not?)
For boyfriends and husbands, you'd be hard pressed to get any pushback on this one.

One of our best sellers amongst men and women alike - this pillow (and the one below) are super popular for couples to give to each other, and sure to get some chuckles...

Probably two of the hardest words to say, and yet what many people just long to hear.  Promise this one will warm the heart of your guy - and who knows?  You might even train him to return the favor.

I like to call this one "the gift that keeps on giving."  One of our all time best sellers for moms to give to their offspring.
Shop our "Men's Gift Guide" on our website by clicking this link.
Happy holidays!

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